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Srkw Conservation Agreement » Sophie T



Srkw Conservation Agreement
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“The slowdown in the merchant vessel will help reduce noise exposure to southerners as a whole and make it more viable for them to hunt salmon this year,” Hussein Alidina, Ocean Protection Specialist for the World Wildlife Fund Canada, said in a press release. “We welcome this multi-year commitment by industry and government, as part of the conservation agreement, to slow down. To help recover these whales, it is necessary to significantly and sustainably reduce the noise level of navigation. Official Title: A Species at Risk Act Section 11 Conservation Agreement to support the recovery of the Southern Resident Killer Whale And while THE ECHO program has benefited since 2014 from the ongoing contributions, advice and cooperation of the VPA, associations and other members, including representatives of the Government of Canada, scientists, conservation groups and environmental protection groups that support the ECHO program in its research priorities. , set voluntary goals and actions and implement voluntary measures; (3) As noted above, the six special zones considered for critical habitat designation are all of high or very high conservation value. the AES defines critical habitats covered in Section 3, paragraph 5, Point A, such as (1) specific areas within the geographic area established at the time of the list of species with the physical or biological characteristics essential to the conservation of the species, which may require special management considerations or special protection; and (2) certain areas outside the geographic area where the species is determined at the time of their listing, based on the Minister of Commerce`s finding that these areas are essential to the conservation of the species (16 United States. C 1532 (5) (A)). Conservation is defined in ESA`s Section 3, paragraph 3 with respect to the application and application of all the methods and procedures necessary to bring threatened or threatened species to the point where the measures provided for by this Act are no longer necessary (16. C 1532 (3)).

SECTION 3, paragraph 5, point C) of ESA provides that critical habitat does not cover, except in the circumstances set by the Secretary, the entire geographic area that may be occupied by threatened or threatened species.

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