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Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group » Sophie T



Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group
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Wamg`s recommendation states that casual agreements – which grant higher remuneration to TAs who meet HLTA standards only for hours when used in entire classes – are not in line with the objectives of personnel reform and the principles of the National Accord. Therefore, schools should consider whether they have a wider range of work that would allow them to maximize the capabilities of an HLTA, or whether these resources could be used more widely in collaboration with other schools. The agreement was signed in 2003 by the labour government of the day and most of the main national teachers` and general workers` unions. Their main objective was to combat the excessive demand on teachers and to eliminate all “non-teaching” functions from their daily workload. To achieve this goal, the agreement established two new support staff roles: HLTA and Coverage Supervisor. At the national level, the Government has established the Workload Agreement Monitoring Group (WAMG), whose mission is to ensure compliance with the terms of the contract: “specified work” is defined as: a) Planning and preparation of lessons and courses for individual students, groups and entire classes b) Providing education to students, including conduct through distance learning or computer-aided techniques c) Developmental assessment, student progress and performance d) Reports on student development, progress and performance b) Which teacher is responsible for managing, monitoring and following up the work of the HLTA and how this supervision is carried out “complementing the professional work of teachers by assuming responsibility for agreed learning activities within the framework of an agreed supervisory system. This may include planning, preparing and executing learning activities for individuals/groups or short-term for entire classes and monitoring students, as well as assessing, recording and reporting on student achievements, progress and development. “No.” Schools should be aware that they cannot use the staff of the coverage functions to fill gaps in the schedule created by the teacher`s PPA time. (WAMG grade 13 – see also WAMG notes 17 and 22) If you are an HLTA, Cover Supervisor, Teaching Assistant or Learning Support Assistant and have concerns about how your role is interpreted by your school, talk to your NEU school representative or branch secretary first. The use of HLTA to perform “specified work” is not intended to worsen student rates, but to improve them, so that in a situation where support is normally available, the level of support should not be reduced […].

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